Audien feat. Ruby Prophet – Circles (Preview)


Check out this preview of “Circles” by Audien featuring Ruby Prophet that came out a few days ago. He’ll be releasing the full track on December 2nd. Audien first played this at his Tomorrowland (listen here) set of this year and everybody loved it. He has this signature sound that I honestly can’t get enough of, and it doesn’t bother me. Anything more that this kid will pump out, I’m sure you’ll find here…


Lush & Simon – City of Lights (Preview)


Lush & Simon have an upcoming new single called “City of Lights” and here is a preview. I really like this track, it has a good use of the synth which makes it have an uplifting melody. It has a nice long build up with what sounds like a guitar being used. This track is suppose to be released on November 18th under Trice Recordings. I’m really digging on this track, are you?


Armin Van Buuren – Pulsar (Cosmic Gate Remix)


Here we have Cosmic Gate taking “Pulsar” by Armin Van Buuren, and putting their own twist on it. The German duo is known for their high powered synth in the trance world and its obvious in this track. With an energetic build up, the drop takes listeners by surprise with how simple and bass filled it is. Give it a listen and tell us what you think!

Lorde – Love Club (L D R U Remix)


Check out L D R U from Sydney, Australia and his rendition of “Love Club” by the sixteen year old kiwi, Lorde. I think Lorde has an amazing voice and I loved her latest album ‘Pure Heroine‘ that was released at the end of September. The original version of this track is already great, and L D R U took it to another level by adding a little upbeat feel with a good bass line. Give this a listen and see what you think, I personally can’t get enough of Lorde‘s voice. Enjoy!

Download Here!

Bassjackers and Martin Gaarix – Gamer


Bassjackers teams up with the Dutch young gun Martin Garrix (also known as GRX) for a track called “Gamer” and it’s a hard hitter. Bassjackers are known for their intense bass and hard sound and Martin Garrix is a young talented 17-year old who came out with “Animals” which was a huge anthem this summer. Let’s all hope they team up again and make some ear rattling tunes.

Dada Life – Born To Rage (Preview)


Here’s a preview of the champagne and banana loving duo Dada Life, with “Born To Rage” and this one is a banger. Their signature hard pounding electro-house sound is everywhere in this track and it’s being released October 28th. They actually are releasing 39 different versions of this track personalized for different countries of the world. Check out what you think of this version, if you don’t like it I’m sure you can find one when they release 38 more!!!

Audien – Leaving You Feat. Michael S. (David Gravell Remix)


Audien is one of new favorite producers, he’s got this synth-driven sound that I can’t get out my head. Here is one of his most famous tracks “Leaving You” remixed by David Gravell. He kept that melodic sound and added a club like build up. The vocals to this track will never get old to me. Keep an eye out for Audien, he’s also got amazing tracks like “Iris” floating around that still is in my head.

Download Here!